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July 27, 2018

Hudson Rae’s Baby Announcement/Gender Reveal

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Today as we celebrate 100 days until we get to meet our little girl Hudson Rae, I wanted to be able to share her baby announcement/gender reveal! This was by far the hardest secret to keep from family and friends, but in the end it was ALL worth it!

Here is where the story begins…Back in March, the hubs and I took an extraordinary trip to New Zealand for a sort of last hurrah before trying to start a family, which ended up being the trip of a lifetime! Beautiful scenery, amazing food, and just an overall incredible experience. Every moment was breathtaking! Little did we know, that the start of our family would come very shortly afterwards.

Fast forward a few weeks, I found out that it was in the works for my family to visit us in Houston for my 30th birthday in May, which got my wheels turning. I’m not much for surprises, but love, love, love surprising others! So, we decided to use this opportunity to surprise all of our family and friends with the big news.

While the big evening approached, I tried everything in my power to not give anything away. We didn’t yet know the sex of the baby, so we at least were going to have something fun to share with everyone else as well! I entrusted our photographers from Mustard Seed Photography with this secret, which they did so amazingly at keeping from us. The only thing I asked was that they order some gender reveal poppers from Thimble press, so that we could have some props to find out if it was going to be a boy or a girl!

Ok enough of the back story. Here are some of my favorite moments from our baby/gender reveal of little miss Hudson Rae. We are already so in love with her, and know we have the best family and friends supporting us through this journey.

Even though I knew about everyone being there, it was still such an emotional experience, so of course I was still overcome by so much emotion when everyone yelled “SURPRISE”! After the surprise for my birthday, my husband shared he had a gift that I had to open in front of everyone. Sitting on my chair was a large white box, wrapped with a gold bow which revealed pink and blue balloons with a photo of our most recent ultra sound. As our guests looked a little confused by the balloons, we turned to look at them with big smiles, and replied to them…SURPRISE 🙂

Everyone was shocked, and incredibly happy for us, and we were so excited our surprise was as fun for us, as it was for everyone else!

When it was time to head outside for the big gender reveal, we shared that we still didn’t know the sex of the baby, and that our family and friends got to share in this big news with us. The gender reveal poppers were so much fun to use! Tons and tons of confetti!


Our friends at Mustard Seed Photography surprised us with this beautiful laser cut sign of our new baby-to-be’s name: Hudson Rae.

After taking a few photos with family, we whisked away, just the two of us to take it all in. We couldn’t believe it was a girl!

We will forever cherish these memories from such a special evening with our loved ones. So excited to enter into this new adventure with the best man by my side. Little miss Hudson Rae is going to be so loved, and so so spoiled! Let all the girlie things begin!

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