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December 14, 2015

It’s Engagement Season!


This truly is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only are people in the Holiday spirit and looking forward to celebrating a new year, but lots of couples are getting ENGAGED!

Mustard Seed Photography Engagement Rings 2Mustard Seed Photography Engagement Rings 1

Photos by Mustard Seed Photography 

Whether you are just recently engaged, or are possibly getting engaged this Holiday season, I first want to say congrats! This is such an exciting time, and we just want to share with you some tips, tricks, and insight to being newly engaged.

SmithHouse Photography Engagement Ring

Photo by Smith House Photography 

Have you guys talked about engagement rings? If not, this may be a great time to do so! Couples are not sticking to the norm anymore, and some even go shopping for rings together. Not wanting to spoil the fun of knowing what your ring looks like? Here are a few tips to make sure your future fiancé knows what style of ring you want:

-Don’t be afraid to give your input! It is after all a forever symbol, and I am sure your future fiancé will want to make sure you love it! They really do want your input, so share your likes and dislikes. Now would be a great time to “hint, hint” with a few pictures, or even a Pinterest board.

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-Does your family have an heirloom that they are wanting to pass down? It shows great sentiment when you can propose with your great grandmothers ring. Don’t like the setting it’s in? No problem! Take it to an experienced jeweler, and they can help you pick out a new setting to make it more unique to your (her) style.

Breanna McKendrick Photography Engagement Rings

Photo by Breanna McKendrick Photography

-If you have a specific style of ring, metal preference, or stone shape, let them know! Do you know there are 10 different shapes you can choose from? Decide which one best fits your personality, and style, and go from there! See what your ring says about you:

  • Round, by far one of the most popular styles; it’s definitely a classic! A round cut diamond means you are a traditionalist at heart.
  • Princess, a beautiful twist on the traditional round cut with a little something extra. The stones pointed corners make it a fantastic choice for a modern bride.
  • Emerald, a unique choice either rectangular in shape with step-cut facets. You delight in the unexpected with this retro-inspired design.
  • Asscher, a square version of the emerald cut with the same step-cut facets. This vintage-inspired cut diamond shows that you are confident, and both follow and define trends.
  • Marquise, a pointed oval shaped diamond, so beautiful and brilliant! Adds a little drama and flair.
  • Oval, essentially an elongated circle. This diamond boasts enviable brilliance, and is a favorite among sophisticated Brides who strive for something unique.
  • Radiant, a neatly trimmed rectangular or square shaped diamond with defined corners. Its extra sparkly, and shows that you are somewhat traditional, but timeless.
  • Pear, featuring a single point with round end, essentially like a tear drop. This Bride plays by their own set of rules, and like a little bit of everything.
  • Heart, its exactly what it sounds like! This romantic stone really symbolizes love. How fitting! You will attract attention wherever you go with this style of engagement ring.
  • Cushion, distinguished by larger facets and round corners, and curved sides. It is softer than a princess-cut diamond, but not as circular as a round diamond. It’s so completely romantic, and effortless in beauty.

Korie Lynn Photography Engagement Rings

Photo by Korie Lynn Photography 

Now that you know what types of ring shapes there are, lets talk about what to do after you get engaged:

  1. Tell Your Loved Ones!

Start with your parents, then work your way down to siblings, and then your best friends, and anyone else that you want to boast the good news to!

  1. Get Your Nails Done

So many people are going to ask to see your new bling, and you don’t want to have a chipped mani! Now would also be a perfect time to take a ring selfie. That’s right, I said it! RING SELFIE! And have fun with it!

  1. Celebrate!

Take a moment to celebrate your new engagement. Whether its just a few close family and friends, or just the two of you, be sure to take it all in. You will not get another moment like this, so cherish it and enjoy your new status.

  1. Get Your Ring Ensured

Not the most glamorous part of getting engaged, but definitely the most necessary. Life happens, so be sure to get it appraised from a jeweler, and keep your ring safe by adding it to your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

  1. Get Your Ring Sized

Amazing if the ring fits your finger perfectly! But if not, visit your jeweler, and have them size it right away. You want to be able to wear your ring right away, so get this done as soon as possible.

  1. Before Diving into Full Force Planning

Here are a few things to talk about and consider: Think about a potential date. Are you a spring Bride, or a winter Bride? Just get an idea of what season you want to get married in. Next, research some venues, and find out what dates are still available. Your favorite venues probably book up fast, so keep that in mind, and don’t be set on one date. Have a few in mind. Then, talk about budget. This is SO important. As you start to plan your lives together, you need to be on the same page. The money talk is always worth a discussion. Finally, consider a guest list and who you would want your bridesmaids, and groomsmen to be. You’ll want all of your closest friends and family celebrating the big day with you.

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

This is where I come in! Let’s start from the beginning and plan the ultimate wedding of your dreams. I love LOVE, and would love nothing more that to share in your big day!

  1. Be Engaged!

Now just be engaged, and in love, and try and get used to using the word FIANCE! Its so much fun to say, and it never gets old! Until, you have a new word…

Elisheva Golani Photography Engagement Rings

Photo by Elisheva Golani Photography

Courtney Leigh Photography Engagement Rings

Photo by Courtney Leigh Photography

A huge thank you to my photo contributors! Thank you for sharing such beauty with these images.


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